Spark Your Dream Book Review – Candelaria and Herman Zapp

Adventure travel where Dreams come true! A true life story where dreams are fulfilled and we are inspired to conquer our own.

Are you ready for a life changing adventure? If so, then please do as the back cover of this ‘nothing short of a gift’ book invites you to do ‘Come on, get in!’ and enjoy the ride, as you witness, dreams come true.

The authors of Spark Your Dream Candelaria and Herman Zapp are an ordinary, or some may say extraordinary, couple who take us with them on their adventure travel from Argentina to Alaska, a journey of 42,063 miles, in a 1928 car with wooden wheels!

No highways or byways for this couple, no they travel into the very heart of communities and in so doing are invited into the home and hearts of over 800 ordinary, or some may say extraordinary, families and individuals.

Thousands and thousands of lives are touched and thousands upon thousands of hands extended in encouragement and practical support towards the realization of more than one of their dreams come true.

Read their book, live their dream and in the living of theirs, you may find your own life transformed to the point where you begin to realize and live the reality of your own dreams!

There is much I could say here about this book, it is so abundantly rich in wisdom, suffice to say Spark Your Dream shines light on the very core essence of humanity, our goodness, our greatness. It is a revelation and celebration of humanity, unity, giving, courage, love!  I couldn’t put it down, devouring the contents from cover to cover.

… if you let your heart lead you, you will never go the wrong way.  Listen to it always.  Better than anyone it knows about dreams, of love.  The cold mind thinks; instead, your warm heart feels …

The final page of the book is numbered Page 410, for four hundred and ten pages I was spell bound, yet it is the 10 pages, unnumbered that follow these 410 pages, combined with Candelaria and Herman Zapp that have irrevocably enhanced my life in ways that will continue to unfold indefinitely.

Thank you Candelaria and Herman Zapp and the thousands of others who, via this true life story, and your authenticity have inspired and expanded my life, beyond anything I could have imagined.

In time, inspired by this story, I know I will be sharing my dreams come true and I invite those of you who read Spark Your Dream and are equally inspired, to do the same, to share your dreams come true with us here at Dubamboo.

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